Attention Members

Return to Training as of Sept. 1, 2020

Please come prepared for class. There will be no change rooms and the washroom is for emergencies only. No spectatores, please wait in your car.

Please wait outside on the deck before class with 2m spacing from a non family member till you are prompted to come in. One at a time.

Temperature will be taken at the door. If it is above normal, you will be asked to leave.

You will need to wear your OWN mask while on the church property and during class time. Cloth masks work best for training. There will be no “kia” during training.

Scan your card. This is so we can do physical tracing.

Once inside the dojo you will find a spot and that will be your training area during class. Stay in our training area.

There will be no physical contact at the club.

All classes are scheduled for 45 min. When class is finished, you will line up with 2m spacing and you will be leaving one at a time.

We have put in place a high volume air filtration system for during class time, Ultraviolet light with ozone to help clean between classes. We will also wipe down the floors and all common areas with sanitizers.

We are limiting classes to 18 students, most of our classes are regularly 15 students. Once class starts the doors will be closed.