Attention Members



We've done my best to keep the classes as small as possible. All students that are currently in-class students have been accounted for in our new schedule ( 9 students per class ). All on-line students will have to stay on-line till space becomes available. Anyone wishing to go on-line only from in-class should notify us as well. (The rate for on-line only is $50 per month) In-class students may train in both on-line and in-class as they wish. 




In-class students may attend 2 in-class and 1 weapons classes per week. All adults must train in the adult only classes.  Please notify us If you wish to switch from  on-line to in-class so we can check to see if space is available.




If we are told to close you will have a few options.


1. Go to on-line classes (new schedule and times will be posted if/when needed)




2. Put membership on hold. ($20 per month holding fee to keep membership active)




3. Cancel membership 




Weather warning. 


If there is a heavy snowfall, we will be closed. There will be no in-class or on-line classes that day. Sorry for the inconvenience but I will be out removing snow and will not have the energy to run classes that day. Weather updates will be posted on the front page of our website.





Doing our best to keep you and your family safe and sound.