Basic Karate Program (ages 5 and up)

All beginners start here.

Our Basic Karate Program designed to teach our students the basic fundamentals of our Karate system. As each student progresses to new belts they will be taught our more advanced curriculum of techniques, Kata and Self Defense.
-Students can achieve the rank of Black Belt without Dan rank
-2 classes per week
-Option to move to the Advanced program at orange belt
-10% discount for additional family member
-Cost $100 per month + HST 

Advanced Karate Program (orange belt and up) 

Our optional Advanced Karate Program is for students that have achieved Orange belt and are looking for an additional challenge to increase their skills and knowledge with weapons training. You will learn our Bo Staff katas and applications.
- Basic Beginners Karate Program
- Students can achieve the rank of Black Belt with Dan rank
-Weekly Weapons classes
-Unlimited classes
-10% discount for additional family member
-Cost $125 per month + HST


Parent Membership 

Special parent membership. If you have a child in our Basic or Advanced Karate Programs.


-Same benefits as the child’s membership
-Special price only available while child continues in the Basic or Advanced program.
-Cost $75 per month + HST each (No discounts)




Call 905-702-1116 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on our waiting list.

We will notify you when a space is availible.

Uniforms are $65 extra.  Taxes are extra (HST).

Sign for for 2 months of karate and recieve a free karate gi.