Team Bonsai

We are putting together our

Team Bonsai for 2019-2020.

All members are welcome to join.

We will be joining The OKF and The WKC

Starting in September, we will be putting together our tournament team, Team Bonsai. We will have a monthly scheduled 1.5 hour team practice on the 2nd Friday of each month.

The team training sessions are to improve kata, weapons and sparring skills for competitions. Learning the rules for each governing body as well.


-Most tournaments will be less than an hour away.

-4 - 5 local and two or three out of town.
-WKC and OKF Chance to compete at a world championships (OKF $50 membership required)

-Optional road trips ie. Erie PA. as part of team Canada  

-All members will have the option to buy their own pre-worn Team Bosai Gi $100. Gi owners may wear their gi to class for as long as they are members.

-New team gi cost will be $200 and will be white. White gi for world championships.

- Cost: $20 / person monthly fee